Our Mission

At Valencia Capital, we understand that a thriving enterprise requires far more than capital. When we invest in a business, we also invest our management teams’ expertise and time. Our goal is to provide the additional support that can mean the difference between untapped potential and full-fledged success.

What We Do

Valencia Capital LLC© is a private equity firm focused on providing businesses with leadership and growth opportunities. From operations management and accounting to finance and marketing, we have the expertise and experience to steer companies toward a brighter tomorrow.
We are actively seeking investment opportunities with a target investment position of $500K to $5M. Currently, our portfolio consists of controlling and secondary investment positions in the following industries:

  • Health and beauty products
  • Specialized packaging
  • Thermal and pressure related controls
  • Adult novelty products
  • Online limousine booking
  • Niche food product manufacturing


Our current portfolio consists of investments in the following industries: health and beauty products, specialized packaging, thermal and pressure related controls, adult novelty products, online limousine booking and niche food product manufacturing.
We are always looking for investment opportunities with an emphasis on the following:
  • Target investment position – $500K to $5M
  • Controlling investment or a strong secondary position
  • Prefer manufacturing and distribution-based businesses

If you would like us to consider your investment opportunity, please submit a proposal.

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