• Anomatic


    Anomatic, located near Columbus, Ohio, is the leading provider of high-volume anodized aluminum packaging components and a provider of custom decorative assemblies to global packaging companies in the cosmetics industry. The Company utilizes its proprietary anodizing process to deliver high-quality products in a cost-effective manner, commanding approximately 65% market share of anodized aluminum components in the domestic cosmetics industry. Anomatic anodizes more than 1 billion aluminum components annually, with the capacity for more. In addition to its unique anodizing process, Anomatic also offers metal stamping, decorating and assembly capabilities, providing a complete solution for cosmetics packaging components. Anomatic has the ability to stamp, clean, buff, anodize, decorate and assemble a variety of aluminum components, including lipstick cases, mascara shells and collars, caps and threaded closures for lotions and fragrances.

  • Beauty Americo

    Beauty Americo is a Miami-based distributor of HBA products (Health and Beauty Aids) specifically focusing on the salon-quality Hair Care products category. With 12 years of experience and over 1,700 SKUs in stock, Beauty Americo is uniquely positioned to take advantage of ever-changing demands in this industry. A diversified supplier base, as well as an expanding customer list, has allowed Beauty Americo to experience rapid growth over the past three years where they have realized a minimum 50% increase in year-over-year revenues.

  • Denison Pharmaceuticals


    Denison, located near Providence, Rhode Island, is a provider of contract manufacturing and packaging solutions to the branded over-the-counter pharmaceuticals industry. The Company’s product portfolio includes cough and cold medicines, skin products, mouth rinses, topical analgesics, and nasal inhalers, which are sold by its customers under nationally recognized brands

  • Diamond Products, LLC


    Diamond Products, LLC is the parent company that owns Pipedream Products, LLC and Jimmyjane, LLC. Diamond Products, through its two subsidiaries, is one of the largest global designers, manufacturers and distributors of proprietary adult products. The Company’s product portfolio includes adult toys, lingerie, games, lotions and creams that are sold in over 80 countries through 5,000 retailers as well as e-commerce websites.

  • Lieb Foods


    Lieb Foods, LLC produces conventional and organic foods and beverages and processes a variety of food products. As a specialty contract manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in beverages, bar mixes, salad dressings, sauces and jams, Lieb Foods’ expertise is in managing the manufacturing and logistical needs of branded and private label products of all sizes and volumes. Lieb Foods’ facilities in Forest Grove, OR and Kennewick, WA are close to interstate highways and metro areas, providing easy access and efficient shipping. Each facility has unique capabilities, including proprietary variety packing, registered/printed film, and bundles wrapped in registered film in a master tray (e.g., 4/6 pks). Recognized for its industry-respected knowledge, Lieb Foods’ senior team has over 150 years of combined experience in keeping pace with expanding customer needs, serving a range of clients from large international brands to private label products to growing specialty or regional players.

  • Limos


    Limos.com, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a leading provider of marketing services to the car service and limousine industry. The Company operates the top car service and limousine referral website with a nationwide network of over 1,500 operators across the United States. Consumers use Limos.com for a variety of occasions, including weddings, proms, parties, sightseeing and business travel. More recently, the Company has expanded into other related businesses, including forground.com, that specifically serves the large and profitable business travel segment.

  • S.O.S. Food Lab, Inc.


    Established in 1984, S.O.S. Food Lab, Inc. (SOS) is a leading manufacturer of emergency survival food and water rations designed to sustain life during emergencies and stressful situations until rescue or additional supplies become available. SOS serves a wide range of industries; examples include marine, aviation, mining and disaster/famine relief. SOS rations are approved by the US Coast Guard, Transport Canada, SOLAS and the US Dept. of the Navy as well as by additional countries such as Japan.

    SOS manufacturing and distribution is headquartered in Miami FL, with an additional warehouse and water manufacturing facility in California. Shipments ofSOS food rations and emergency drinking water leave both sites on a daily basis. With a base of over 200 distributors, SOS supports its many retail outlets, corporate distributors, as well as the broad based emergency preparedness kit making industry. With top seaports near both of its manufacturing sites, the world market is accessed easily.

  • Vernatherm


    Rostra Vernatherm manufactures thermally activated controls for various markets; aerospace being chief among them. Vernatherm is based out of Bristol, CT (Home of ESPN) and prides itself on being a US manufacturer. The Companycasions, including weddings, proms, parties, sibled in a 30,000 square-foot facility, neighboring OTIS Elevator in one of Bristol’s “technology parks”. Rostra Vernatherm has a long history that spans over 80 years manufacturing thermal actuators and thermostats that originated from Scovill in Waterbury, CT. Rostra Vernatherm’s thermal controls are utilized in a large majority of commercial jets, military vehicles, drones, and more. Rostra Vernatherm offers a wide range of thermal products, valve, and machined aerospace manifolds.

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